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www.webformantispam.com   Web Form Anti-Spam official site
www.webformantispam.com/support/ Web Form Anti-Spam support
www.webformantispam.com/order/ Web Form Anti-Spam online order form
www.webformantispam.com/download/ Web Form Anti-Spam updates and downloads
support@webformantispam.com General support questions and suggestions
sales@webformantispam.com Ordering and registration questions
press@webformantispam.com Public relations and press related questions

Information for resellers

If you have ability, opportunity and want to become our reseller, please, look www.webformantispam.com/reseller/ for available affiliate programs, offers, promotional materials and additional information.

Version history

Version (16 July 2007) was the first public release.

Current version (17 July 2007).
Performance improvements: protection speed has been increased.

Current version (13 August 2007).
A minor bug in user interface has been fixed.

Current version (5 September 2007).
A minor bug in reminder window has been fixed.

Current version (11 October 2007).
Command line decoding was not always working. The bug has been fixed.

Current version (26 November 2007).
A bug with international versions support has been fixed.

Current version (1 December 2007).
User interface layout on large screen DPI values has been fixed.

Current version (17 Dec 2007).
Minor bug caused by protection system has been fixed.


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