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Questions, problems, answers and solutions

Below are listed the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, do not hesitate contacting the Web Form Anti-Spam support.
The most fresh list of questions and answers might be found at official Web Form Anti-Spam site: www.webformantispam.com/faq/.

I think I have found a bug. What should I do?

If you have found a bug, please get in touch with us at our online bug report form. Please include the following in your bug report:

  • Application version number: see "About" window for the version number.
    Ensure, that you have the latest version – the bug might be already fixed;
  • Platform you are running on (Windows 2000 or Windows XP, for example);
  • Any error message, if one was generated;
  • A detailed description of how the problem occurred.

I have ordered Web Form Anti-Spam, but nothing happens.

This may be result of anti-spam e-mail server tools activity or misspelled e-mail address on order form. Try to contact us again from another e-mail address or via support online form. We will contact you soon: we receive reports on each processed order, so you will never lose neither your money nor ordered software.

I enter my key code and Web Form Anti-Spam says that activation failed.

It would be better to use the "copy & paste" method while entering the code instead of typing it manually because misspelling is possible. If nothing helps, please, contact us.

I have activated Web Form Anti-Spam, but it still shows reminder window.

Probably, could not store your registration information into the Windows registry. Some kinds of software, like antivirus, antispyware and even firewall tools may block parts of registry to prevent them from damaging by malicious software. Try disabling them for the time of screensaver activation. Later, you may safely enable these tools again.

How do I uninstall Web Form Anti-Spam?

It can be uninstalled as any other application. To uninstall Web Form Anti-Spam screensaver, open "Add/Remove Programs" applet from the Control Panel and find the "Web Form Anti-Spam" item there. Then press the "Remove" button and confirm uninstall. Following operations will be performed automatically.

Do you have versions for Mac, Linux, OS/2, Win 3.1 etc?

No, only Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Is Web Form Anti-Spam available on CD?

Yes, you can add screensaver delivery on CD as an option to your order for additional fee.