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Batch processing

Learn command-line options

You must be familiar with command line options before using Web Form Anti-Spam for batch processing your files.

Creating batch file

Batch processing file is a text file containing several commands having "cmd" extension. Below is an example:

start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\support.htm" -e /mb:<form /me:</form>
start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\support.htm" -e /mb:"<a href=""mailto:" /me:</a>
start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\subscribe.htm" -e /mb:<form /me:</form>
start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\subscribe.htm" -e /mb:"<a href=""mailto:" /me:</a>
start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\order.htm" -e /mb:<form /me:</form>
start /wait wfas /s:"c:\web\order.htm" -e /mb:"<a href=""mailto:" /me:</a>

Note that "start /wait" prefix. This will tell the system that Web Form Anti-Spam should not return control to command processor until completion. That is because wfas.exe is a Windows application rather than a console one. To process the same file with different instructions needs to make processing strictly consecutive what "start /wait" guarantees.

The example above will protect three files by encoding all forms and all e-mail hyperlink tags, making them unreachable by e-mail harvesting bots.

Path to wfas.exe

You must have wfas.exe directory in your PATH environment variable to be able running it from any directory on your PC with "wfas" command. Use the following command for that:

set path=%path%;%ProgramFiles%\Web Form Anti-Spam, assuming that Web Form Anti-Spam has been installed to default location.

Another solution is to define your own environment variable, WFAS for example:

set wfas="%ProgramFiles%\Web Form Anti-Spam\wfas.exe"

After that, you will be able to run Web Form Anti-Spam by "%wfas%" command instead of "wfas" without overloading PATH variable.