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Tired from spam bots filling out your web forms?

If you have an interactive web site with forms available for filling by people, you must be already familiar with spam messages that someone sends through these web forms. In most cases, special automatic programs are doing that. They do crawl the web, parse forms and fill them with spam. To prevent spam bots from filling web forms, many webmasters uses CAPTCHA. It is effective, but causes difficulties for people who are trying to send you something valuable.

Anti-Spambot HTML obfuscator „Web Form Anti-Spam”

Free Trial Download: 2.83 MB, ver., 19 May 2009.
(for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Web Form Anti-Spam is available for Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Demo version is free to download and use for evaluation purposes during 15 days.

Stop spam bots with no annoyance for your visitors!

We offer to try alternate way to prevent spam bots from crawling and filling web forms. Our utility can take any HTML code and obfuscate it with JavaScript what will make it unreadable by spam bots. They will not ever know that web form is somewhere on the page. Thus, spambots will not be able to send spam through online forms, and your visitors will not be annoyed by captcha. Actually, people will see no evidence of any obfuscation until they will want to look at HTML code, of course. It will look like this:
<script type='text/javascript';{var s='bEabkbaDPJsKsjumsMCTCmkWbSuCCjPWsAsjQlPcPBskPIaePgs

Not very easy to read, isn't it? This aims those spambots which are browsing web sites and looking for <form> tags for further parsing and using for sending spam.

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Online User's Manual: online version of help file shipped with Web Form Anti-Spam distributive. Digg Reddit Fark MyWeb Furl Spurl BlogMarks