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Do you want to stop spam in web forms at your site?

If you have a web site with a minimum of interactivity, you must be already familiar with spam bots, those automatic programs, which crawl the web, parsing web forms and filling them with spam information. Some forms, like contact or feedback, will annoy only web master; others, like guestbook or forum posting forms, will let your visitors see spam messages, placed with them.

Do you want to stop those smap bots and avoid spam coming through web forms? Try our solution!

Anti-Spambot HTML obfuscator „Web Form Anti-Spam”

Free Trial Download: 2.83 MB, ver., 19 May 2009.
(for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Web Form Anti-Spam is available for Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Demo version is free to download and use for evaluation purposes during 15 days.

Protect web forms from spam with Web Form Anti-Spam

Obfuscating HTML makes it unreadable by spambots. Parsing it is computationally hard work, especially in Web 2.0 age, when many sites use JavaScript intensively. There are no evidences of web form presence in obfuscated code, so spam bots will not be able to use them for sending spam. At the same time, web browser will execute JavaScript for unpacking web form, when page loads. People will not notice anything different, and they will say "Thank you" for no CAPTCHA at web form. You can protect either partial HTML code, or full web page file.

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Online User's Manual: online version of help file shipped with Web Form Anti-Spam distributive. Digg Reddit Fark MyWeb Furl Spurl BlogMarks