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Are you suffering from spam bots filling out your web forms?

Did you try Captcha images for blocking those bots? It can help, but bad things happen when people trying to send you feedback, post form message or leave a note in your guest book are facing with the need to recognize crappy image and then type those meaningless letters and numbers into additional field.

Alternative to Captcha is effective and not annoying

In this case, you may want to find an alternative solution to Captcha. Try web form HTML code obfuscation with JavaScript. Our easy-to-use tool, Web Form Anti-Spam, can make code obfuscation fast and secure. Spam bots will not see your web form, but people browsing the Internet will not even notice your anti-spam measures. More information about Web Form Anti-Spam obfuscation utility.

HTML Code Obfuscator „Web Form Anti-Spam”

Free Trial Download: 2.83 MB, ver., 19 May 2009.
(for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Web Form Anti-Spam is available for Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The demo version is free to download and is free to use for evaluation purposes for 15 days.

More information needed?

Web Form Anti-Spam in details: how it looks, how it works, and why it is effective.

User-friendly web form protection with Web Form Anti-Spam. Make web form protection transparent.

Blocking web form spam bots with JavaScript HTML code obfuscation.

Protecting FrontPage web forms against spam bots by means of Web Form Anti-Spam.

Online User's Manual: online version of help file shipped with Web Form Anti-Spam distributive. Digg Reddit Fark MyWeb Furl Spurl BlogMarks